AVENO Gear Super 80W-90 GL-4

AVENO Gear Super 80W-90 GL-4 is an oil for manual gearboxes designed on the basis of mineral oils and special additives. At high temperatures, an optimal gear lubrication is guaranteed by a high absorption capacity. AVENO Gear Super 80W-90 GL-4 reduces friction and prevents wear and corrosion. Even under extreme dynamic conditions, a stable oil film is guaranteed for the lubrication.

Application notes:
AVENO Gear Super 80W-90 GL-4 is suitable for the lubrication of gearboxes, differential and steering gears in motor vehicles, if EP gear oils (extreme pressure) are prescribed for them by the manufacturer.


Practice and tested in aggregates with filling:
MAN 341 Z1, MAN 341 Z2, MB 235.5, ZF TE-ML 02A, 02B, 17A


  • Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics
  • Less wear
  • Very good oxidation stability
  • Resistant oil film
  • Neutral towards metal and sealing agents
PropertiesDataUnitTesting under
kinematic viscosity at 100°C14,09MM²/SDIN ISO 51562-2
viscosity index101DIN ISO 2909
density at 15°C886,4KG/M³DIN EN ISO 12185
Pour Point-33°CASTM D 7346