AVENO Gear Super LS 85W-90

AVENO Gear Super LS 85W-90 is a multipurpose gear oil for high performance manual gearboxes. AVENO Gear Super LS 85W-90 was developed based on the highest quality synthetic base oils with a special additive treatment and inhibition for limited slip applications. AVENO Gear Super LS 85W-90 was designed with the increased loads of manual gearbox oils in mind to ensure the gearbox functions flawlessly.

Application notes:
AVENO Gear Super LS 85W-90 is especially suitable for lubricating differentials with limited slip. AVENO Gear Super LS 85W-90 guarantees proper lubrication, even in self-locking, hypoid-geared gearboxes. The operating instructions of the automobile and gearbox manufacturer must be observed.

API GL-5, MIL-L-2105 D

Practice and tested in aggregates with filling:
FORD M2C104-A, ZF TE-ML 16C, 05C, 12C, 16E


  • Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics
  • Less wear
  • Very good oxidation stability
  • Resistant oil film
  • Neutral towards metal and sealing agents
PropertiesDataUnitTesting under
kinematic viscosity at 100°C14,900MM²/SDIN ISO 51562-2
viscosity index108DIN ISO 2909
density at 15°C890,3KG/M³DIN EN ISO 12185
Pour Point-33°CASTM D 7346