AVENO LHC 0W-30 is a fully synthetic smooth-running engine oil for petrol and diesel car engines of light transporters and high-performance vehicles with diesel particulate filter DPF and 3-way catalytic converters which require a minimum HTHS of 3. 5 mPa*s. AVENO LHC 0W-30 is characterized by excellent cold starting behavior and extends the lifespan of diesel particulate filters, DPF, and 3-way catalytic converters, TCW, thanks to special additives. AVENO LHC 0W-30 achieves a high viscosity index thanks to its formulation with special base oils.

Application notes:
AVENO LHC 0W-30 is an energy-efficient engine oil for year-round use, and can be used in modern petrol and diesel car engines. AVENO LHC 0W-30 is suitable for extended oil change intervals and extends the lifespan of the particulate filter. The operating instructions of the automobile and engine manufacturer must be observed.


MB-Freigabe 229.51

Practice and tested in aggregates with filling:
BMW Longlife-04, dexos2™, MB 229.31, Renault RN0700/0710, VW 502 00/505 00/505 01


  • Excellent cold starting properties, even at low temperatures below -25°
  • A very stable and excellent viscosity behavior and shear stability
  • Fuel savings under all operating conditions
  • Secure lubricant film at high operating temperatures
  • Neutrality towards sealants
  • Low evaporation, thus low oil consumption
  • Excellent protection against wear, corrosion and foaming
  • Suitable for catalytic converters
  • Extended oil change intervals protect natural resources
PropertiesDataUnitTesting under
kinematic viscosity at 40°C66,0MM²/SDIN ISO 51562-2
kinematic viscosity at 100°C11,9MM²/SDIN ISO 51562-2
viscosity index178DIN ISO 2909
density at 15°C842KG/M³DIN EN ISO 12185
pour point-60°CASTM D 7346