AVENO Racing Ultimate 10W-60

AVENO Racing Ultimate 10W-60 is a fully synthetic, multi-grade engine oil with specially selected base oils. A very high proportion of Group V poly-alpha-olefins makes it a very special engine oil, which can also satisfy the highest requirements. Thanks to its special additives, AVENO Racing Ultimate 10W-60 is also suitable for extreme racing. AVENO Racing Ultimate 10W-60 is ideally suited to modern petrol engines under the heaviest of loads during car racing. AVENO Racing Ultimate 10W-60 ensures an optimal lubrication layer, even at very high operating temperatures.

Application notes:
AVENO Racing Ultimate 10W-60 was specially developed for speedway car racing and may therefore also be used in the harshest operating conditions. Its particularly modern and high-quality basic ingredients, in combination with a very specially selected additive package, prevent deposits on engine parts that are subject to high stress.



  • A highly-modern, fully-synthetic engine oil for use in extreme racing
  • A very stable and excellent viscosity behavior and shear stability
  • High oil film stability to prevent wear
  • Continuous high oil pressure
  • Low evaporation, thus low oil consumption
  • Highest possible protection against wear, corrosion and foaming
  • Suitable for catalytic converters
  • Black sludge is prevented from forming
  • Extended oil change intervals protect natural resources
PropertiesDataUnitTesting under
kinematic viscosity at 40°C170,000MM²/SDIN ISO 51562-2
kinematic viscosity at 100°C25,100MM²/SDIN ISO 51562-2
viscosity index181DIN ISO 2909
viscosity CCS5830MPASASTM D 5293
density at 15°C860,0KG/M³DIN EN ISO 12185
Pour Point-45°CASTM D 7346