AVENO Ultra 20W-50

AVENO Ultra 20W-50 is an engine oil on mineral oil basis with selected additives for demanding petrol engines from 2001 and later, and 4-stroke motorbikes. AVENO Ultra 20W-50 has excellent lubricating film adhesion and good shear stability, as well as outstanding cleaning capability and high resistance to aging.

Application notes:
AVENO Ultra 20W-50 is intended for the typical operation of petrol engines in current and earlier (from 2001 onwards) cars, sport utility vehicles, vans and light trucks during maintenance measures recommended by vehicle manufacturers. Oils that meet the API SL requirements can be used wherever the API service category SJ and earlier categories are recommended. AVENO Ultra 20W-50 is also excellently suited as engine oil for motorbikes, when the specification SAE 20W-50 JASO MA/MA2 is required.



  • High oxidation stability
  • Excellent shear stability
  • Very good detergent and dispersant characteristics
  • Lubrication film remains stable even with heavy strain
  • Very good viscosity-temperature behavior
  • High safety reserves, even under boundary lubrication conditions
PropertiesDataUnitTesting under
kinematic viscosity at 100°C19,080MM²/SDIN ISO 51562-2
viscosity index122DIN ISO 2909
density at 15°C882,0KG/M³DIN EN ISO 12185
Pour Point-24°CASTM D 7346