Product Update 3.2021


AVENO Low SAPS HD Supreme 5W-30 with new Approvals: MB-Approval 228.51 & MAN 3677

AVENO Low SAPS HD Supreme 5W-30 is a fully synthetic, economic, long-life engine oil for commercial vehicles with a turbo diesel engine. AVENO Low SAPS HD Supreme 5W-30 is characterized by an increased oxidation stability and shear stability as well as an improved air separation capacity to meet and exceed the most up-to-date requirements according to API CK-4.

AVENO Low SAPS HD Supreme 5W-30 was specifically developed for the newest generation of Euro IV, V and VI diesel engines with exhaust gas treatment and particulate filters. Extended oil change intervals as per manufacturer's instructions.

AVENO Low SAPS HD Supreme 5W-30 meets, and in some cases, surpasses, the requirements of a multitude of global industrial and manufacturer specifications. AVENO Low SAPS HD Supreme 5W-30 is suitable in particular for use in mixed vehicle fleets with Euro 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 engines and therefore offers the optimal solution for reducing the number of products required. The operating instructions of the engine manufacturers must be observed.







NEW: ACEA 2021

Innovations in the automotive industry: In April 2021, new specifications for light commercial vehicles were published by the automotive association ACEA. With "ACEA 2021", the previously known standards from 2016 will be replaced with immediate effect. As a result, the ACEA sequences A3 / B3 and C1 will finally expire in 2023. Reason for the innovation: With the two new engine oil categories and the newly developed engine tests, the ACEA would like to react to the constant further development of engine technology in the future. In this way, for example, the influence of engine oils can be assessed with regard to the tendency towards deposits on highly charged turbo engines. In addition, the problem of pre-ignition (LSPI) in modern gasoline engines was also taken into account.

A distinction is made in two categories: The ACEA sequence A7 / B7 will classify high SAPS oils with LSPI and wear protection at low speeds in the future. These engine oils are suitable for turbo-charged direct injection gasoline engines as well as for modern direct injection diesel engines. The second category, the ACEA sequence C6, is used for engine oils that offer LSPI and wear protection at low speeds for supercharged direct-injection gasoline engines. In addition, products with such a classification guarantee protection against deposits in the diesel turbocharger compressor (TCCD), especially for low SAPS classes. These corresponding engine oils remain compatible with catalytic converter & GPF / DPF exhaust gas aftertreatment systems.

New engine tests for 2021 ACEA light oil sequences
The 2021 ACEA light oil sequences contain five new tests, a follow-up test and two engine tests, which will be deleted as follows:

Further publications of ACEA specifications for heavy commercial vehicles are to follow in the second half of 2021.