AVENO DXS Premium 5W-30

It is a fully synthetic Mid SAPS smooth-running engine oil for petrol and diesel car engines with or without turbocharging and direct injection. AVENO DXS Premium 5W-30 is characterised by its excellent cold starting properties, minimisation of fuel consumption, friction and wear. Extended oil change intervals as per manufacturer’s instructions. According to Dexos 1 specification it is recommended for Opel car engines and General Motors under all operating conditions. The operating instructions of the car and engine manufacturers must be observed. 

Type Engine FIN from
Insignia A B20NHT (LTG)* MJ 2014
Corsa E B10XFL/T (LE1)* MJ 2015
ADAM B10XFT (LE1)* MJ 2015
Astra K B14XFL/T (LE2)* MJ 2016
Astra K B10XFT (LE1)* MJ 2016
Mokka X B14XFL/T (LE2)* MJ 2017
Insignia B B15XFT (LFV)* MJ 2018
Insignia B B20NHT (LtG)* MJ 2018
Crossland X                              gasoline engines (LEG, LES, LEZ)*             MJ 2017
Grandland X gasoline engines (LES, LHI)* MJ 2018

* gasoline engines is recommended for dexos1TM